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Anti Bacterial/Anti Fungal

Bamboo fabric is composed of strong anti-microbial properties. It is believed to consist of 3 times more anti-bacterialqualities than cotton clothing. In the wild bamboo thrives without the help of pesticides and fertilizers. It is rarely affected by pests or infected by pathogens. Bamboo contains a bio-agent called “bamboo kun” which retains the anti-bacterial properties in the fabric. Unlike other anti-microbial fabrics which need chemical treatments, organic bamboo fiber clothing is naturally anti-microbial, requiring no harmful chemicals. Bamboo clothing’s natural anti-bacterial function differs greatly from that of man-made chemical anti-microbial fabrics, which often tend to cause skin problems.

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Moisture Wicking

Bamboo fabric retains the plant’s moisture absorbency qualities. Bamboo apparel absorbs and evaporates moister faster than any other fabric. It wicks away moisture and allows your skin to breathe. These unique qualities keep your body dry and comfortable even when you perspire.

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Odour Resistant

Our products neutralize odors, staying fresher for longer. The fabric naturally stops bacteria from spreading, resulting in a healthier and more hygienic garment.

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Regulates your Body Temperature

In summer temperatures, bamboo cools the body by three degrees. In winter climate, bamboo warms the body by three degrees (heat gets trapped in the micro structure of the fabric and forms a protective layer).

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Anti-Static Properties

Bamboo apparel has anti-static properties. It does not cling uncomfortably to your skin. There is no “static cling” when you remove them from the washer.

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At the end of its life cycle, bamboo apparel dissolves easily in the environment without destroying nature. They are a 100% decomposable.

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UV Protective

Assists in protecting the body from harmful UV rays.

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Ideal for Sensitive Skins

Bamboo apparel is hypoallergenic. The bamboo fiber used in Zhai apparel is made from 100% organic bamboo. During the production stage, no chemical additives are used. Bamboo fiber is smooth and round and its organic and natural fiber properties make it non-irritating to the skin. Zhai apparel is a great alternative for anyone with sensitive skin, allergies, eczema or other forms of dermatitis. The bamboo fiber used in Zhai apparel has been awarded the OEKO-Tex 100 Class I certificate. This means that the bamboo fiber used in Zhai apparel is free of harmful substances. Bamboo fiber is unbelievably soft and suitable even for babies. Please kindly note that our clothing contains 5% spandex, to give the clothing elasticity and maximum comfort. This does not compromise the anti-bacterial quality of Zhai apparel.

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Soft and Luscious on the skin

Wearing bamboo material has been described as a sensual experience, like the feel of cashmere or silk. It has a very distinctive lustrous sheen.

Bamboo is smooth and soft on the skin. The inherent quality of bamboo fiber (on a microscopic level bamboo fiber has a round surface) makes it a delightful tactile experience unlike other fibers.

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Strong and Durable/ Ideal for Travel

Bamboo clothing is strong and durable and requires low maintenance. Bamboo is machine washable and highly resistant and abrasion proof. Its longevity is superior to clothing derived from cotton. It is wrinkle resistant, lightweight, and dries very quickly, making it an ideal choice for travel.

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